These are the current projects we are working on. Projects are listen in order of when the year our work began.  For Photo Albums of all HCP Projects please visit our Facebook page at:

Active Projects

Location: Based in Arizona
Year Work Began: June 2007

This project is the work of Aven La Fon-Cox who began sending Huggabears to the children of our Troops when she was five years old. OPERATION HUGGABEARS works to obtain sponsors to help send bear packages to the children of those who so bravely join our military branches and have been sent overseas to fight. Since June of 2007 Aven has worked to send Huggabears for Soldiers in Iraq, Afghanistan and Kuwait. She is currently working on this project and plans to do so until all our Troops are back home with their children who miss them.

Kooshla’s Wish 
Location: Based in Arizona
Year Work Began: January 2012 - ALWAYS ACTIVE!
This is the project of MaCaedyn La Fon-Cox who was six years old when she began. It was her idea to give children a hug in times of need to bring them joy! Kooshla is MaCaedyn's nicname and it is her wish to send FREE Huggabears to children who are homeless or ill and can receive a stuffed toy. Kooshla's Wish also sends Huggabears to children who have lost their homes due to financial struggles or due to natural disasters; hurricane, tornado, flood, etc.

Tanuushka’s Gift
Location: Based in Arizona
Year Work Began: June 2007 - ALWAYS ACTIVE!

This project sends FREE Huggabear, Time Transporter and The Intercessors Christian books, along with other educational and Christian books to children in need all over the world. This project is with work of Samuel La Fon-Cox who is only eight years old but loves to send books to children in need. We have sent books to over 20 different countries for children and young adults to learn about the love of Jesus!

Issan Harvest Center - North Thailand

Location: The rural province of Ubonratchathani, Thailand
Year work began: With HC
P, Inc. January 2016 but the ministry has been the hard work of the Floyd Family for over five years. The purpose of the Floyd Family's ministry in Thailand is to strengthen the harvest for the Kingdom of the Lord among the unreached Isaan people of Northeastern Thailand. The fields are white, and we are trusting God to increae the number of the laborers! Building what we call a "Harvest Center" is a strategic part of that plan; equipping and disciple-making that leads to church planting! Knowing that the Gospel is in its very nature and power is holistic, the secondary purpose of this Harvest Center is to train believers and Christian leaders in agricultural methods so taht they can provide for themselves and economically strengthen the church. 

Loving Children In Chennai
Location: Chennai, India
Year Work Began: May 2008 to Present Date

HCP works to assist Pastor Rajan Immanuel with his work through "Living Hope Minstries" which reaches out to orphans with AIDS, children who are not orphans but are homeless and his sidewalk Sunday School ministry for poverty stricken children. Pastor Rajan and his family work to take the love of Jesus to these children in need along with food, clothing, educational materials and Bibles.

Reading for Haiti

Location: Pierre Peyen, Haiti
Year Work Began: February 2010 - ALWAYS ACTIVE!

This project benefits both the child who pariticipates in it and the child who receives from it. Proceeds raised from the children who read books will all go to assist the children of the “Destiny Orphanage” in Pierre Peyen, Haiti. This project was designed to get children to read books for sponsorship and turn in the funds collected for the orphans of this orphanage who are still struggling with the after effects from the earthquake in January 2010. We launched this project in February 2010 and sadly have had no children participate in reading for it, but we still have hope for it!

                                Click here to download Sponsor Sheet            Click here to download Reading Log

*NEW Huggabears Love Houston!

Location: Houston, Texas
Year Work Began: August 2017 - ACTIVE!

This project raises funds to provide bears, books, toys and other needs for the children of Houston who lost their homes in Hurricane Harvey. We will be leaving on 9/12/17 to deliver items to a Red Cross Shelter in San Antonio, Texas. 

Finished Projects

Restoration After Katrina
Location: New Orleans, LA 9th Ward
Year Work began: August 2005

Assisted the Amazing Grace Church of God and the Cornerstone Church of God with their children's ministry after Hurricane Katrina. These projects helped START HCP Inc.!

Huggabears for Superstorm Sandy Children
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Year Work began: December 2012

Sent boxes of Huggabears and Christmas bears to the Metro Ministries in Brooklyn, NY to be given out to the victims of Superstorm Sandy.

Reconcilation for Rwanda
Location: Kigali, Rwanda
Year Work Began: January 2015 - Finished: March 2015

HCP worked with the Hope Life Ministries in Kigali, Rwanda serving 50 orphans. We assisted with food, shelter, clothing and Bibles in the French language.

Passion for Pakistan
Location: Faisalabad, Rawalpindi and Karachi City, Pakistan
Year Work Began: October 2011 - Finished September 27th, 2015

HCP worked with several local pastors in three different cities in Pakistan to assist their ministries with children for Sunday School, VBS and to provide them with Bibles printed in the Urdu language, food, clothes, medical care, wheelchairs and shelter for children and widows in need.

Revive - A- Life Uganda Orphanage
Location: Tororo, Uganda just outside of Kampala (in Bombo)
Year work began: December 2000 - Finished November 8th, 2016
HCP has worked for many years to support the children's orphanage owned and operated by Captain James Sserunjogi in 
Tororo, Uganda which is just outside of Kampala. Captain James cares for 800 children and HCP works to assist him with food, medication, educational supplies, mosquito netting for their bedding, gifts and toys for holidays, and we are currently working on building the children a new school house. The school will be called the "Twenty Angels School of Uganda" in loving memory of the children who were lost on December 14, 2012 from the Sandy Hook Elementary School in NewTown, Connecticut. HCP also provided the children with their first generator for electrical powered lights in the year 2010.

Thank you for learning about our work with children! Please visit our Photo Album page to see more!

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"When You Love a Child,You Change the World!"

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