HCP Inc. Mission Statement

It is the mission of HCP Inc. to listen for those who cry
out in need, 
speak for those who have no voice,
protect and help those who cannot protect and help themselves
take the love, peace and hope of Jesus Christ to those
who don't know 
how much He loves them.

Our children are the leaders, teachers, inventors and workers of the future.
We believe if you can make a positive difference in even
one child's life, you will not only direct and shape their future,
you will make a direct impact on the world.

We receive great joy in serving children in need all over the world 
and right here at home in the U.S.A! We hope you will join us in our 
work to bless
children and make a powerful and positive impact on their lives.
We hope you will join us in changing the world child at a time!

We also invite you to view our Photo Albums on our Facebook page at:

"When You Love a Child, You Change the World!"

The Huggabear Children's Project, Inc. is a 501c3 Non Profit Organization 
that gives 100% ofcontributions given to assist children in need worldwide. 
HCP Inc. was founded and is directed by
Angelique La Fon-Cox author of 
"The Huggabears", "The Intercessors" and other Christian books of the
Master's Messengers ministry.

(Portions of all book sales to support HCP Inc.)

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